We provide world-class support services in Management Consultancy. We deliver services to production facilities, process systems, and Oil and Gas-related technology to field operation companies…


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Lurkaville Unique Global Limited stands as a premier provider of holistic solutions across diverse sectors, offering expertise in management consultancy, supply chain management, marine solutions, information technology (IT) services, finance training, logistics, and oil field support services. We recognize the dynamic needs of modern businesses, where agility, quality, and efficiency are paramount. Therefore, we adopt a multidisciplinary, problem-solving approach to address your requirements promptly and effectively.

We’re not just consultants; we’re your strategic partner in growth, navigating the challenges of today’s dynamic business landscape. Agility, quality, and efficiency are paramount across diverse sectors, and that’s where our comprehensive suite of holistic solutions comes in.

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We are the leading integrated gas company in Nigeria, with upstream oil and gas interests in the region and integrated gas infrastructure for the delivery of products; gas and crude oil.

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Exxon Considering Malaysian Offshore Asset Sale

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