LURKAVILLE UNIQUE GLOBAL LIMITED is one of the fastest-growing educational training in Nigeria. Our goal is to empower employees to become active contributors to their organization.

We have developed a flexible delivery model which has enabled us to successfully deliver an excellent job.
Our team is made up of highly motivated tutors and trainers design and deliver occupationally relevant programs to meet both the needs of the employee and employer.

Few benefits of the educational training program to organizations are

  • Teach employees the skills that will make it possible for them to do their tasks and contribution to the organization’s growth.
  • Enable employees to participate in decision making.
  • Give employees the skills they need to run the organization (e.g, planning skills, chairing skills, skills for working on a committee).
  • Develop a clear understanding among employees that guide the organization


Simply ring our office and our staff will be happy to advise you on ways we can help and implement a bespoke course suitable for your needs.